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UStrive connects students with financial need with free, one-to-one mentoring to help them navigate the college and financial aid application process. Students already in college can be matched with a mentor for support to help them graduate and prepare for career opportunities. The UStrive program is completely virtual, with mentors and students connecting through our own online platform, UStrive.

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One-to-one mentoring

When you sign up with UStrive, you can select a mentor who will help you: 

  • Apply to colleges
  • Apply for financial aid, both before college and after you’ve enrolled
  • Create a time management plan and other strategies to help you complete your courses and graduate
  • Prepare for internships and jobs

Your UStrive mentor will support you in making the choices that are right for you.

Most comprehensive college search tool available

UStrive’s college tool allows you to search over 8,500 two-year and four-year colleges to find the schools that would be a best fit for you, academically and financially. Through the tool, you can view important information, like the range of SAT and ACT scores of accepted students, schools’ retention and graduation rates, and the average cost for students like you.

Accessible guides

UStrive students and mentors can review an easy-to-understand curriculum that provides information and resources for a variety of college-related topics, from applying for college and financial aid to what to expect as a first year college student. For students already enrolled in college, there is a curriculum with guides to help you graduate and prepare for jobs. This includes identifying your career goals and the steps that will help you achieve your goals.


Safe communication

You can message, video chat, text, and call your mentor, all through the UStrive online platform.

Connections that last a lifetime

In addition to meaningful interactions with your mentor, UStrive connects you with other students who share your dream of going to college and graduating! You can talk with other students through the Community feature on our platform.

Exceptional outcomes

Over 95% of students matched with a UStrive mentor go on to college, usually with little to no debit for tuition, due to scholarships and other financial aid their mentors help them secure.


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